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About Our School!


 TANATO ELEMENTARY SCHOOL is located right at the center of the barangay, with its elevated position to see the viewer of the nature (mountain and forestry).

This school has a school head and nationally funded teachers; a school clerk, an administrative aide and a watchman, which are are locally funded.

The total enrollment is one fifty pupils, seventy - six males (76) and seventy - four females (74) in both primary and intermediate, including Kindergarten class.

It is one of the schools in the Division City of Balanga, continuously serving its clientele, our pupils, to strive for quality education.

The various programs and projects implemented under SBM program helped in achieving the school’s vision and mission.

School’s accomplishments, improvement of facilities and pupils’ achievements were magnificent, through the combined efforts of the school head, teachers, SGC, PTA, stakeholders and parents.