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Citizen's Charter

School Services

DepEd Service Pledge:

        The Department of Education is committed to providing learners with quality basic education that is accessible, inclusive, and liberating through:

  • Proactive leadership
  • Shared governance
  • Evidence-based policies, standards, and programs
  • A responsive and relevant curriculum
  • Highly competent and committed officials, and teaching and non-teaching personnel
  • An enabling learning environment

1. School Learning and Development

It is a school strategic initiative based from the result of electronic-Self Assessment Tool (e-SAT) and other similar needs assessments to address and competency gap or gaps that affect or contribute to the school's performance. This could be done through School Learning Action Cell (SLAC), Coaching and Mentoring, In-Service Training (INSET), Work Immersion, or Team Development.

2. Enrollment

        The process of registering learners into the Learner Information System (LIS) upon the submission of required supporting documents and the first date of attendance. Learners are officially enrolled if all required documents are submitted.

3. Borrowing and Returning of Books from and to the School Library

The process of borrowing and returning of books from and to DepEd School Libraries by students, teaching and non-teaching personnel. They are given free access to the materials and could even borrow and bring it home with the agreement to return after usage. However, responsibility and accountability should be properly observed. Schools monitor the effective and efficient utilization and proper accounting of books and other reference materials in the school library.

4. Public Affairs

Public affairs are essential in the building and development of good relations between the school and its stakeholders. The school needs to work with different agencies, groups, organizations, offices, and individuals to strengthen partnership and work with them from planning, program implementation, assessment & monitoring of results, and up to the celebration of successes. The school recognizes its responsibility to address concerns with the learners, communicate with various stakeholders and be transparent in all its transactions.

5. Laboratory and School Inventory

       Service provided by the school to properly account its school buildings & facilities such as offices, classrooms, laboratories, materials, and equipment. Personnel who performs the task is trained on the set of standards being followed on the classification of school buildings.